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Nutraceutical Sales

As we make recommendations to help you restore your nutrient levels and your health, we strive to offer the most trusted nutraceuticals available. When it comes to supplements, not all vitamins are created equal. What you will learn at Truth, most people cannot metabolize some over the counter vitamins. Also, without FDA regulation of vitamins, […]

IV Nutritional Therapy

Intravenous nutritional therapy is a great way to get a patient feeling better faster. By preparing IVs with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that specifically target the patient’s needs and infusing them directly into the blood stream, by-passing the gut, the nutritional value is recognized immediately. Intravenous nutritional therapy can help with dehydration, recovery from acute […]


Beth Cobb Barham

May 23, 2019

I had felt horrible for years. After going to Truth Wellness, I have felt like a completely new person. Kim listened to me and checked levels I would never have thought of. She put me on the right vitamins, and it’s made all of the difference.

Tabitha Fulgham

April 11, 2019

Kim Strong cares for the whole person. Listens to my concerns and then using her skills, talents and passion to give me the best care.

Amanda Bedingfield Sikes

February 2, 2019

We love TWC, Kimberly Strong, and all of the staff there. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and instantly sets you at ease. Everyone’s bedside manner is wonderful. Best medical experience I’ve ever had!