Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine focuses on treating a patient while they are still functioning, as opposed to waiting until they can’t get out of bed anymore because they’ve had a massive stroke. Functional Medicine treats those that are still functioning, but not functioning very well. It focuses on wellness, as opposed to sick care.

Truth Wellness Center commonly addresses hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, IBS, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, difficulty losing weight, anxiety & depression, autoimmune issues, nutritional deficiencies, among other illnesses. However, the number one reason a patient walks through our door is because of fatigue. If a patient has any of these issues, there is more there than meets the eye. These problems are typically just signs and symptoms of a bigger problem. Functional Medicine focuses on finding the core of these problems. Once the root of the problems is addressed, signs and symptoms dissipate.

IV Nutritional Therapy

Intravenous nutritional therapy is a great way to get a patient feeling better faster. By preparing IVs with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that specifically target the patient’s needs and infusing them directly into the blood stream, by-passing the gut, the nutritional value is recognized immediately.

Intravenous nutritional therapy can help with dehydration, recovery from acute illness, mood elation, fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, decreasing inflammation in the body, and be used as maintenance therapy. It is also often used with cancer patients to improve the effects of chemo therapy, as well as help with repletion of vital nutrients chemo therapy depletes.

Nutraceutical Sales

As we make recommendations to help you restore your nutrient levels and your health, we strive to offer the most trusted nutraceuticals available. When it comes to supplements, not all vitamins are created equal. What you will learn at Truth, most people cannot metabolize some over the counter vitamins. Also, without FDA regulation of vitamins, over the counter supplements often contain more fillers than the actual vitamin. Our provider has researched nutraceutical lines extensively to provide her patients with the highest quality supplements.

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